USB Vulnerabilities– How To Protect Yourself


How to Protect Yourself

Always use encrypted USB Devices

The following are a few of our favorite:

This first choice is cost effective and provides basic protection, but not military grade protections or features that allow USBs to be managed effectively in corporations.

You can purchase it  here.

If you are looking for something military grade, I strongly recommend the following.  This is the USB drive that I personally use.

You can purchase it here.

Use Public Charging Stations With Caution

Use your own charging dock wired to the wall, not a USB interface.  Note this is particularly true in rental cars.  Just use bluetooth on rentals. Alternatively, make sure you are using a charging only USB cable.

I  highly recommend the following charging only USB cables that can charge up 4 devices at once and have both iphone,  samsung galaxy connectors.  I don’t travel without these this charging cable.

You can purchase it here.



Always Completely Delete Data

Yes, by all means delete your files on your USB drive, but placing the recycle bin may not be enough.  You’ll want to completely delete the files, so they are never recoverable.  If you never plan on using the USB drive again and you are short on time.  Smashing the drive to bits with a hammer could be a good solution.  It’s simple, and effective, but if you invested in an expensive military grade USB device, you may want to use tools to do the job.