Private Internet Access — Why You Need A VPN

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Why You Need Private Internet Access

Whether you browse the web from your home, your favorite coffee spot, or at the airport, private internet access is  is not guaranteed.

First, a bit of history and some tech talk about Private Internet Access (Jump Ahead if you just want a solution).  If you have a wired connection at home (increasingly most devices are on Wi-Fi). and you are not using some form of encryption, then your internet traffic can easily be monitored by anyone upstream of your connection.  A tool like Wireshark  will allow anyone to monitor packets of your information going from your home to your Internet Service Provider.  It’s a bit like having a conveyor belt of your personal items running from your home to the world outside, and when not encrypted it’s like those personal items aren’t protected from thieves in any way.

Private Internet Access Data Stolen

Solutions For Private Internet Access

Encrypting data can solve the problem.  When you visit encrypted websites on your browser the data you send is protected, but where you are visiting is not, but suppose you are using another application or are visiting un-encrypted websites ?  The answer is very likely your data is susceptible to theft.. goodbye Private Internet Access!  Let’s take calls you may make from any device connected to your favorite coffee shop through your computer or even your mobile phone leveraging the coffee shop’s WiFi. The answer will inevitably come down to whether the application used for calling is encrypted, and that answer is .. it depends.  If you use Skye, very strong encryption is used, but Google Voice uses no encryption at all.

Unless you want to worry about technical details about every application’s access to the web, the best solution in this scenario us to VPN or Virtual Private Network.  When a VPN is used (And use is as simple as connecting to a VPN immediately after a connection has been established), all traffic going out of the device has been encrypted and effectively blocked from anyone wishing to compromise you.

But all VPNs are not created the same.  How do you differentiate between VPNs privately for security?  VPNs can also be used for other reasons like watching Netflix when you are out of the country, but what do you need to look for when selecting a VPN for Privacy ?

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