Good Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Terms

CIOs and CISOs that are building a good privacy and security minded posture, need to make sure that any residual risks that remain after implementing a sound security and privacy policy are managed to an acceptable level with Good Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Terms.  Let’s unwind the previous sentence a bit.  So a standard corporate security practice would include the following steps:

  1. Creation of a Sound Security and Privacy Policy
  2. Creation of a list of Gaps or a Risk Register of Risks
  3. Assessment of Gaps vs Risks and Pick Gaps to Address with Board Oversight
  4. Implement targeted gaps with controls
  5. Good Cyber Coverage Terms to offset any residual risks

Good-Cyber Liability Coverage Terms

This is what should happen in a well run IT Organization, aware of the risks posed by privacy breaches both reputationally and financially to the organization, and real damages to the consumer whose privacy has been breached.   Contact us if 1-5 is a Challenge for you.  Security and Privacy Policy is the only thing we focus on, and we can help!